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Concept of karma purification

 The concept of „karma purification“

The neologism " karma purification " developed in the context of commercialization of Buddhism and Tibetan medicine. Thus it is currently used in Buddhist seminar centres and in talking about Tibetan medicine. In these contexts, the attributed meaning covers the concept of "purification" of one person through another person or even through others at his command (as if a person - a "master"/guru - would have the authority and the privilege to "cleanse" other persons of "bad karma")

Dangers of such conceptualisation have already become obvious in recent developments, e.g. in the international organisation Rigpa or the international organisation Shambala (see: and

The conceptualisation of the term "karma purification" was obviosly used in order to get power over people and treat them arbitrarily. With the help of the phrase " karma purification" compliant "disciples " have been persuaded to denigration, to think they would be never be good enough and to believe that the so called "master" would even have the right to harm them (going against common Human Rights) as if for their own well-being (being convinced such "purification" would serve any assumed enlightenment).