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Denigration of women

"Virtuous worldly conducts are the foundation of all good qualities. [...] Be true to one´s word and fulfill all commitments. Negative actions, though encouraged by others, should be avoided; noble actions, though discouraged by others, should be undertaken. Think well in advance and look for long-term benefits. Don not take every statement to be true, accept them only after thorough analysis. Comtemplate wisely before you speak, and never reveal confidential matters. Do not listen to women [2] nor disclose your secrets to them."
in Men Tsee Khang (transl.) (2015: 144). bod kyi gso ba rig pa'i rgyud bzhi las rtsa ba'i rgyud dang bshad pa´i rgyud tses bya ba bzhugs so The root tantra and the explanatory tantra from the Four Tantras of Tibetan medicine. Dharamsala: Men-Tsee-Khang.
[2 "Women here refers  only to those who are cruel, deceitful, jealous and mentally unstable."]

Comment: in the Tibetan text (pg. 143) it is said: bud med ngag la mi nyan sbad kha ltsi bar bya.