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Diagnosis and treatment of trauma

Diagnosing physical trauma as explained in the oral instruction tantra

Traumatic hot disorder „The nyepa and bodily constituents are the causes of traumatic hot disorder. [...] The conditions that result in physical traumas are strenuous activities such as running, jumping, wrestling, lifting rocks, carrying heavy loads, pulling back a tight bowstring, digging in hard ground, falling off a horse or height, getting trapped under debris, and being beaten with stones and sticks. These conditions injure the bodily constituents and cause disturbance in blood, which subsequently aggravates the hot-nature tripa."
in Men Tsee Khang (transl.) (2017: 308). bod kyi gso ba rig pa'i rgyud bzhi las man ngag rgyud tses bya ba bzhugs so The oral instruction tantra from the secret quintessential instructions on the eight branches of the ambrosia essence tantra. Dharamsala: Men-Tsee-Khang.