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False healing promises

False healing promises about healing neurosis through Buddhist philosophy or Buddhist practise

"This easy-to-read manual by one of the most widely loved and respected Tibetan Buddhist teachers of our time teaches us how to honestly explore and deal with our own hang-ups and neuroses."
in: date of retrieval: 19.11.2018

According to the WHO classification neurotic disorders are considered in ICD-10, current version, F40-F48 "Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders".

They are subdivided as:
"F40 Phobic anxiety disorders [...]
F41 Other anxiety disorders [...]
F42 Obsessive-compulsive disorder [...]
F43 Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders [...]
F44 Dissociative [conversion] disorders [...]
F45 Somatoform disorders [...]
F46 Other neurotic disorders [...]"

in: date of retrieval: 19.11.2018, and should be treated by professionals of medicine, psychology and psychotherapy.