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Slander and stigmatisation with the concept of rlung in buddhist groups

Using the term rlung not only as a concept of of diagnosing and treating disease but for stigmatisation and for slandering others in buddhist groups

Definition of the current habit in buddhist groups: The attempt to stigmatise people as mentally unstable or mentally diseased with the phrase "he/she has rlung“.

Background: In Tibetan medicine, all mental diseases are conceptualised to be rlung diseases (that is: diseases of the rlung system, which is one of the three factors/ three humors). This means that the factor rlung is assumed to be in the foreground as in many other diseases.

Current issues in Buddhist groups: Unfortunately, this rhetoric is currently used and widely practiced within Buddhist groups by people unqualified for any kind of diagnosis in order to deliberately stigmatise and discredit people.

Measures in dealing with in: Concerned persons can limit the damage legally by filing a complaint for slander or defamation.

Conclusion: The effect of comercialising knowledge has turned into distorted concepts and terms  being used by unqualified people. It resulted in using the term rlung not only as a concept for diagnosing and curing disease by medical doctors, but for stigmatisation and for slandering others.