Preservation and Transfer of the Knowledge of Tibetan Medicine

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1. Recent Publications

Anders, A.I.M. (2019). Introspection and Psychotherapy, SFU Forschungsbulletin 7/2 (2019), S. 32-50 DOI:10.15135/2019.7.2.32-50; 20.12.2019, retrieval at:

Anders, A.I.M. (2019). Silencing and oblivion of psychological trauma, its unconscious aspects, and their impact on the inflation of Vajray─üna An analysis of cross-group dynamics and recent developments in Buddhist groups based on qualitative data, 10.11.2019, Retrieval at:

2. Interview locations

Austria, Germany, India, Nepal

3. Crowdfunding

for livelihood (food and housing), psychotherapy or costs of lawyers for those affected by indoctrination or economic, psychological or physical abuse in so-called Buddhist groups (emergency relief that is not covered in other ways)

This is a private crowdfunding initiative to support people in acute crisis that are not (yet) compensated by state intervention.