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1. Recent Publications

Anders, A.I.M. (2019). Introspection and Psychotherapy, SFU Forschungsbulletin 7/2 (2019), S. 32-50 DOI:10.15135/2019.7.2.32-50; 20.12.2019, retrieval at:

Anders, A.I.M. (2019). Silencing and oblivion of psychological trauma, its unconscious aspects, and their impact on the inflation of Vajray─üna An analysis of cross-group dynamics and recent developments in Buddhist groups based on qualitative data, 10.11.2019, Retrieval at:

2. Crowdfunding

for livelihood (food and housing), psychotherapy or costs of lawyers for those affected by indoctrination or economic, psychological or physical abuse in so-called Buddhist groups (emergency relief that is not covered in other ways)

This is a private crowdfunding initiative to support people in acute crisis that are not (yet) compensated by state intervention.

3. the institutional dynamic that turns religious traditions into religions for abusers and enablers, Hogendoorn, 22.2.2020

"All things considered, the entire episode serves as a textbook example of the institutional dynamic that turns religious traditions into religions for abusers and enablers. The selective perception that slants the focus towards the perpetrators, their institutions, and themselves—while paying lip service to victims and survivors—is the rule rather than the exception. No surprises here. [...] Former enablers rebrand themselves as experts overnight, but their roles remains the same. They simply groom their audience once more—thus remaining in the centre of attention. They simply rewrite the false narrative about their guru once more, often literally so—thus erasing their own responsibility and accountability." aus

4. Those harmed by Dagri R., please, contact FaithTrust Institute, 20.12.2019

"Anyone who may have experienced or witnessed harm from Dagri Rinpoche in his role as spiritual teacher at FPMT centers, is invited to contact FaithTrust Institute. You can report your experience via email and, if you choose, participate in a confidential phone/Skype interview. All information will be held in confidence by FaithTrust Institute in the course of the assessment and report. To contact FaithTrust Institute send an email to their confidential email address: FaithTrust Institute will promptly follow up with you via email. If you prefer to be called, please indicate a phone or Skype number." 20.12.2019

5. Current interview locations

Austria, Germany, India, Nepal

6. Crowdfunding for the lawyers' costs of the former children's group of the organisation  Ogyen Kunzang Choling (OKC) in Belgium, France and Spain (closed centers in Portugal)

Next trial date (new trial) early 2020.

"A group of cult-born kids now adults & free of the grip of the sectarian drifts of a Buddhist community they were born in where physical, sexual & mental abuses enfolded for decades, are fighting against the cult founder & his organisation in court after a 20 Year long Judicial inquiry:
1997 – Cult wide police raid
1997 – 2003 Instruction of the case, first 2 cases of sexual & physical abuses
2003 – 2008 Lost in Limbo of the Belgian Justice system
2008 – New complaints of sexual abuses
2013 – More Limbo’s in the Belgian Justice system
2016 – First Trial
2017 – First verdict (4 year suspended sentence)
2018 – Appeal by Spatz-OKC of the first verdict trial (they won)
2019 – Counter-Appeal by the civil parties
2019 – Court of Appeal break the entire previous appeal verdict
(we won this round)
2020 – New final Trial in early 2020" date of retrieval: 13.1.2020

Information about the development of this organisation, the testimony of former children about violence, abuse and lack of education and the criminal charges (slide 7):

"We need help finalizing the costs for the court of cassation before we get ready for the next phase of the new Trial" Further information and bank account here: date of retrieval: 6.9.2019

Relaunch of the crowdfunding to:

7. Open Window for child victims of sexual abuse in New York

Cuomo signs Child Victims Act, allowing victims of sex abuse to sue their abusers as adults 15.2.2019

"Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed the Child Victims Act into law Thursday, a bill that will allow New Yorkers who were victims of sexual abuse as children to hold their abusers accountable as adults. "This bill brings justice to people who were abused, and rights the wrongs that went unacknowledged and unpunished for too long,” Cuomo said. “By signing this bill, we are saying nobody is above the law, that the cloak of authority is not impenetrable, and that if you violate the law, we will find out and you will be punished and justice will be done."Previously, child sexual abuse offenses could not be prosecuted after five years from their occurrence and civil lawsuits could only be brought within three years from the victim's 18th birthday. The bill will allow victims of sexual abuse to sue their abuser anytime before they turn 55. There will also be a “look-back” period -- a one-time, one-year window that allows victims to file lawsuits against their accusers, no matter when the abuse occurred. The bill also eliminates the need to file a notice of claim of sexual offenses committed against a minor and allows the Office of Court Administration to enact rules and regulations for the timely adjudication of revived actions."

8. Exemplary and creative ways of the necessary process of reflection and expression of apology