Preservation and Transfer of the Knowledge of Tibetan Medicine

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Introspective methods

Gradual Cognitive Training ©

The gradual cognitive training © (2016) was developed after ten years of studying Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan medicine in their original language context. Since 2009 I have taught it and evaluated the training effects with quantitative and qualitative methods as well as with psychological questionnaires.

Research results

The results were obtained from surveys with students, psychotherapists and psychotherapy patients.

Presentation of study results on the reduction of chronic stress and relaxation response in psychotherapists, psychotherapy patients and students.
Publications (in German):

Attersee Anders, A.I.M. (2017). Introspektion als Wirkfaktor in der Psychotherapie Eine psychotherapiewissenschaftliche Modellbildung zu Effektstrukturen des Graduellen Kognitiven Trainings. Wiesbaden: Springer Publishers.

Print ISBN: 978-3-658-17879-6
Online ISBN: 978-3-658-17880-2

Attersee Anders, A.I.M. (2016). Selbstreferenz. Ein dynamisches Selbstreferenzmodell auf der Grundlage von graduellem kognitivem Training. Wiesbaden: Springer Publishers.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-658-11708-5
e-Book ISBN: 978-3-658-11709-2