Preservation and Transfer of the Knowledge of Tibetan Medicine

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Key issues in the development of Tibetan Buddhism in the West

"But no Tibetan lama should feel too safe on his throne, performing the great show of his own omniscience and the uniqueness of his lineage. The day will come when people will realize what kind of show it is and then retire - just like many of the young Tibetans in the West, who already know too much and cannot be bound to the old system any more." in Dagyab R. 1992: pg. 17

"But nowadays, if we get more and more 'tulkus by declaration,' a deterioration of the quality of teachers and a degenerated presentation of the teachings will follow." in Dagyab R. 1992: pg. 17

"Problems of sectarianism and narrow-minded fanaticism among the Western followers of Tibetan Buddhism are not only due to avoidable misconduct of Dharma beginners. There are irresponsible Tibetan teachers, too, who stir up these conflicts - but of course not in public, as this would not result in good reputation for a 'professional Buddhist.' But they do it even more efficiently through the inner circle of their disciples." in Dagyab R. 1992: pg. 16

Dagyab Rinpoche. 1992. Problems in the development of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. New Delhi: Tibetan Review.